Pillars of Evolution

by Ape Cave

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Prepare to undertake a momentous odyssey through Kashmir's bluffs, devastating Egyptian plains and volcanic panorama in Ape Cave's LP "Pillars of Evolution." The psychedelic guitar work, roaring bass lines, thunderous percussion and dark vocals soaring to pyramidal heights are just a fraction of the elements that will leave listeners captivated. The tale of a wanderer experiencing an intensely hallucinogenic, trans-continental journey is yet to be unraveled..


released January 1, 2016

Artwork by Jason Raines.
Engineered/mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios.
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio.

Instruments tracked at Haywire Studios.
Vocals/percussion tracked at Simian Studios.

Ape Cave is:

Gage Dean
Paul McGaha
Bobby Rosson
Nathan Nielson



all rights reserved


Ape Cave Portland, Oregon

Ape Cave is a four piece entity hailing from Portland, OR. Founded by Dean and Rosson in 2015, their debut full length "Pillars of Evolution" was unleashed on January 1st, 2016. Listeners claim that the dramatic vocals, howling guitar and symbiotic rhythms beguile similar to synesthesia. ... more

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Track Name: Vesuvius
Informing spores, fungal teacher
Fire slicer piercing skies
The mountain calls, forests sing
Lurching spirit, ordained ingestion
Goliath warden, earthen keeper
Marred emotion, shift perception
Hermetic mission, arcane moira
Conjure knowledge, ordained ascension

Tumble, crawling forward, transcend the shell
Scale the mountain side and touch the sky
Invoke the spirits within and touch the mind
Behold the mammoth's head, confront the self

Behind my eyes it speaks, twelve-tone voices
Whispering sonnets of old, archival messenger
Mother of brimstone and grain, chrysalis of souls
Genesis beauty, grotesque existential memories

Lord of summer, duke of winter
Singular entity, pagan ancient
Archaic maker, terran master
Embody Tartarus, god of fire
Track Name: Ape Cave
Exit the decrepit cave
Embrace your life as a slave
Far from the mountains, forests of old
Resent the falsehoods which you once were told

Ape cave

Escape the wearisome day
Set flame to godheads of old
Fumes of the fires show you the way
Reclaim your conscience, take back your world
Track Name: Road to Ladakh
Lay this foundation, this divine vision
Knowledge of self destruction, elohim of annihilation
Juggernaut of industrial pollution, perpetuate this grand illusion

We will help you (lead you astray, selflessly decay)
We will help you (lead you astray, selflessly decay)

Reject the ancestral ways
Lost forever, the golden age
Life of past now forever hidden
Ashes bequeathed for your forsaken children

We will help you (lead you astray, selflessly decay)
We will help you (lead you astray, selflessly decay)
Track Name: Pharaoh's Eclipse
Choir of the pharaoh, bask in glowing light
Watch as the eclipse shatters the chariot
Guided by the stars, the enlightened apes
Eyes toward the sky, an emergent dream
Track Name: Pyramid
Monoliths, catacombs, ocean of desert and sky. Razor winds sweep over the dunes. Even now they slave away for the great pharaoh. As the river carves its way through the barren landscape, so too do these evolved ones carve through the stone. Chiseling away. Eyes towards the heavens. This must be something greater than them. Heaving, the sweat runs down their faces like so many tears. However they must push forward to appease the pharaoh, the god-king. As the mammoth tomb nears completion, the desert ruler's body grows decrepit. A fleeting physical form with disfigured flesh, he oversees. Gazing over the mineral sea. Waiting, watching, growing weaker with every passing day. A greater vision constantly maintained. Finally, the fruition takes hold. The final slab set in place.
This gargantuan wonder, this final resting place. Son of lords, lord of men. The duty fulfilled, child of cosmos returns home.
Track Name: Ego Death
Preconceived are the notions I dissect
Dogmatic filters dethroned with the rest
Gaze of a child, rawest perception
One look behind, my thoughts never ending
Eclipse the future, palpable moment
Camaraderie of the past and the present

The naked mind fears not
Kaleidoscopic thoughts

Preconceived are the figures I behead
Mask is removed, existence revealed
Oh the mask is removed and I am revealed
One look behind and my thoughts are sealed
I'll eclipse the future, tangible moment
Camaraderie of my past and my present

My naked mind fears not
These cascading thoughts
Track Name: Etna
Risen from stone, twin faced conqueror
Forge of gods, timeless captivator
Converging's daughter, life bearer
Destructive fate, massive disintegrator

Messina, Catania
Feeble creations, permitted existence
Fruits of man, fearful hive
Worthless seekers, nearsighted followers

Piercing the clouds, touching the sky
Monstrous mother, brooding flame, stalwart queen
Guardian and executioner
Armored sentinel, voice of strength, billowing beast
Molten mistress, guiding shepherdess
Embodied power, visage of doom, borrowed time

Messina, Catania
Feeble creations, permitted existence
Fruits of man, fearful hive
Worthless seekers, ouroboros ignorance

Pestilent apes, forging fire
Defiled land, seal their fate
Mammalian traitor, leveled land
Fury invoked, liquid flame

Furtive man, atoning stone
Terran vengeance, ashes to come, decided fate
Patient destroyer, holy smiter
Swat the fly, nuisance no more, balance restored

Messina, Catania
Feeble creatures, permitted progress
Fruit of drones, fearful hive
Worthless seekers, eyeless followers

Blackened skies, all hope lost
Dormant no more, mortified creatures
Gaia shivers, silence broken